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What is the Difference Between Vector and Raster Images?

When working with a service provider, you may be asked for vector or raster graphics.


A raster image is an image made of tiny squares of color information, referred to as either pixels or dots. A common form of raster image is a photograph or an mage that has been scanned into the computer. A raster image has a fixed amount of information. If you enlarge a raster image it will at some point become pixilated and grainy. Common raster formats are .jpg, .png. .tiff .bmp and gif.


The most popular raster image editors are Photoshop, Lightroom and Paint.


A vector image is a mathematical representation of an image. It is an instruction to render the image in a particular way. When vectors are enlarged they maintain their clarity and sharpness. Common formats for vector images are .ai .eps .pdf.

The most common editor for vector images is Adobe Illustrator.


A professional designer will always produce graphics such as logos in vector format. This allows for the widest range of production at any imaginable size and any production method.


A vector image is easily saved as a raster image for applications such as web images. Outside of very simple raster images, rasters cannot be easily reproduced as a vector image. Designing an image such as a logo in raster format may result in considerable cost to reproduce as a vector format for some production methods such as silkscreen.


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