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About Us


Being responsible for cutting a large corporate budget by 75% forces you to think differently—it gives you a virtual opportunity to start over from zero and rethink everything. You examine every process, account for every penny, streamline waste, and question everything you knew and thought was working.


Many new small businesses don’t go through this rigorous planning and analysis process until they realize that nobody is buying, they are not making money, they have accumulated debt, and have annoyed all their friends and family.


In 2013, Deborah left the corporate world of downsizing budgets and staff and re-launched iNitium Strategic Design. Deborah works with small businesses to apply the processes of downsizing at the start of the business and help owners establish an understanding of value. This in turn becomes the foundation of a strategic marketing plan.


First established in 1993, iNitium provides marketing and graphic design services.

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